Our Baby "J"

Hello all. This blog is dedicated to the entire pregnancy and immediate birth of our little 'Bam-Bam'... ... Baby "J." Please click on any picture for a larger view or on any link for more information.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007




See you around!


Thursday, July 26, 2007


(@ 11:16 pm at night)

Yay!.... while mommy and daddy was playing poker (uh.... reading Chris a story), Chris decided to reach for some M&Ms inside of a bowl. He was reaching so much that he ROLLED OVER FROM HIS BACK TO HIS TUMMY! :)

Mommy and daddy screamed so loud that Chris started crying :(

Our little guy is growing up!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chris has a new toy

So Chris has an activity blanket that can be taken apart and made into different toys. Here he is having a good time.

Let's Go CAL Bears!

My new outfit

My matching shoes (thanks to Tiffany's mom)

Chris' favorite bear Oscie (does his name sound familiar?)

So we took daddy to dinner at the Liberty Grill in downtown LA.
How do we look together?

Christian at 4 months old!

Christian turned 4 months old on June 3, 2007

Daddy gives Chris a bath (June 2)

So dad wnted to give Chris a bath for the first time. He did real good too, mommy only had to help at the very end.

Happy Anniversary!

We planned a long overdue trip up to the Bay area for our 1 year wedding anniversary. The plan was to drive up on Friday and hit up Zachary's, before heading to our hotel room at the St. Francis. Saturday we would go to Napa Valley, with some friends, to hang out and (what else) taste wine! Sunday we'd do some of the things that we use to do while we were dating (400 miles apart) and Monday drive down the coast, along highway 1, and take in some good scenary.
So we stuck to the schedule, even sneaking in eating some bbq on Sunday night at Big Nate's (don't bother asking and we do not recommend this place to friends). The only thing that we'd change, if we could, would be the 11+ hour drive along the coast. Very bad planning.

Us on the gondola ride at Sterling's winery

Christian and Briauna playing in the grass at Mondavi's winery

Chris crying because I turned him away from this great view of Napa

One of our favorite crepes from Crepes a-Go-Go (on University in Berkeley)
Fresh strawberries, bananas, butter and sugar! :)

Daddy and Chris at Sather's Gate (UC Berkeley)

Mommy and Chris at Bancroft library

Daddy in front of old BESSA office (are you thinking what I'm thinking?)

Great place to be with mommy and daddy

Happy Pre-Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Godmommy (and Maid of Honor) Kristen surprised us by keeping the top layer of our wedding cake for an entire year! She kept it in her refrigerator and gave it to us as our anniversary gift 1 day short of our anniversary.

Hmmm..... let's see, would you a) eat the cake that has been frozen for 1 year or b) eat the "fresh" cake that the baker said they'd make for you (free of charge) one year later.

Ryann changes Chris' diaper (oh lord)

"She that asks shall receive" (or something like that).
Ok, so big sis has been wanting to change Baby Buddha's diaper for the longest. We gave her her big chance on May 20th. She did pretty good.

I mean she didn't put the straps on tight, and she didn't really want to wipe his private parts, but for the most part she made it through it. Chris didn't even wiggle a lot (I think he wanted to take it easy on her).

Christian has a girlfriend
(other than mommy and big sister)

So here's a picture of Christian's new little (or big) girlfriend. Her name is Mariah, and she lives next door. Her little sister, Chyna, comes over to play with Ryann; but as soon as Chris sees her.... he's all drools for her.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (to all)

We spent much of the day louging around the house. Clif made french toast, eggs, sausage and bacon for breakfast (at around 1:30p). Ryann and Raye came home from their dad's house at 12:30p. After breakfast/lunch we played a couple of games of MLB 2k7 and crashed on the couch for a little while. At around 3:30p we had some visitors (neighbor kids that wanted to play with Ryann and Raye). We were on the road to play some miniture golf at Mulligan's by 5p and sitting at the kitchen table snacking on Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pizza by 7:30p.

Today was a great Mother's day.

Gifts included:
*From Raye - a beautiful folder that included a drawing of me on the cover. Inside the book were words from Raye about how much he loved me. Truly precious.
*From Ryann - a 20+ CHOCOLATE recipe book that her entire class pitched in on creating. Parents had to give their child a recipe on a favorite chocolate dessert. The class then turned it into the teacher, who then turned around and made copies for the children to give all of the recipes to their moms for Mother's Day. Truly special.
*From Clif - Some awesome-ly wrapped gifts (my baby was so proud of hisself).
(1) pair of Cole Hann orange sandals (perfect for Summer)
(1) Cole Hann saddle bag (purse) that matched my new shoes perfectly.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

High Society Eating (no pics)

I just wanted to let everyone know that Chris has been enjoying some serious 'high society' eating. Well, HE'S NOT the one actually enjoying the food, but he is bassing in the ambiance. Let's see at 3 months old he's enjoyed the smell and decorations from the following restaurants: Chop House (Pasadena); Stinking Rose (Beverly Hills); IHop (Redondo Beach); La Capilla (Torrance); Sizzler (Gardena); Chili's (Torrance); Lucille's (Torrance); Straw Hut (Lakewood); Round Table (Torrance)

....yeah, I know what you're thinking... "Sizzler's is not 'high society' eating." Remember when you use to think that Sizzler's had the best steak in town!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Monday, April 30, 2007

Christian at 11 weeks!

Happy Birthday Maya Joy Flowers

Our sister Shawna gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl on April 17, 2007 (yes, we are a little late posting this information). Maya Joy was born at approximately 11am and weighed in at just over 6 1/2 pounds. Here are a few pictures of Christian's new little cousin (they are almost exaclty 2 1/2 months apart).

Here's Maya...

Proud Uncle Clif...

Proud Auntie "I"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I make Daddy smile!

He loves looking at my smile so much, that it makes him smile just as hard.
Aw, what a great dad!

(we apologize for the 'red-eyes')

My First Toy!

Is a toy made by Little Tykes.
I love the way the crab looks at me... he gets me all fired up to knock off the little starfish that's on the sides off. I'm up to a full 12 minutes of fun and enjoyment all on my own !!!

Let's go Dodgers!

It was Dodger Day for NTGSL, and the whole family ventured out to Dodger Stadium. Game time was 1:10p so we left the house by 11:30a. Our intentions were to make it to the stadium in enough time to get some autographs (it was autograph day). Little did we know you have to show up like at 10:00a to stand in an already formed line to get (1) autograph. By the time we got to the park there was a line that circled all of the cheap seats, and the only player that was still giving away autographs was "Perez" (bless his heart). Oh well, we opted not to stand in line but to spend $100 on memorabilia.

We made it all the way to the bottom of the sixth when Clif felt a drop. Pretty soon a drop turned into a steady pour, and that's when we made our way to "Blakout."

Chris was a trooper the entire time!

It's cereal for DINNER!

So just to see if Chris would like it, me and Clif decided to see how well he could eat off of a spoon (Lord knows this little boy has no trouble eating from a bottle). Let's just say, we have a lot of work to do. Most of the cereal ended up on his shirt; some ended up up his nose and a little even got on mommy's cheek (from cheek-to-cheek transfer).

10 weeks old!

Ok, so finally my hair has begun to grow. My daddy was worried for a little while, but now that my hair is coming in all is well with the Jones' baby boy! (not that mommy cared if I didn't have hair)